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Fire, Water, Mold Restoration & Remodeling

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Mold Removal

An estimate of 40% of all residential houses has a mold problem.

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Water Extraction

The first step to take for a flooded house is removing the water from the carpet and pad.

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Drying Process

In the drying process we turn all the flood water into a gas (a vapor).

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We utilize state of the art equipment to dry and save the foundation of your home or business.

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Kwik Dry's Ten Commandments

Kwik Dry’s First Commandment - We specialize in the customer experience.
A company like ours might offer their customers "great service" but the customer could still have an awful experience. That's why we focus on a great customer experience. Most of our customers are suffering a terrible loss, either because of water or a fire. We never come with judgment for we know that bad things can happen to good people. Therefore, we focus on the overall customer experience, from beginning to end. We have been on a project where people have lost their priceless collection of baseball cards and unreplaceable photos and heirlooms. We’ve had customers lose their pets because of a fire and one customer that lost her brother and mother due to a house fire. So our passion is to hold their hand every step of the way through their crises.
Kwik Dry’s Second Commandment - During a crisis we never take any money upfront.
While in a crisis or an emergency, we do not make our clients pay upfront. Plus, we don’t wait for an insurance check to get started, we fund the project to get started right away.
Kwik Dry’s Third Commandment - Our contract has no fine print.
Plus, we never have our customers sign a contract under duress. Our contracts are written to protect our customers. Our contract states that our customer will pay us no money out of pocket except their deductible. It is our job to make sure they are insured, and their insurance will pay. We communicate very well with our customers, the adjusters, the city, and the city inspectors.
Kwik Dry’s Fourth Commandment - Nothing evasive until we know you're insured.
Until we know our customer is insured for the problem, we never do anything evasive (like major tear out and construction).
Kwik Dry’s Fifth Commandment - We never charge more than the insurance is willing to pay.
There's no money out of our customer’s pocket except their deductible.
Kwik Dry’s Sixth Commandment - If the problem is not worthy of a claim, we council the customer for free.
If the problem is not worthy of filing a claim, we counsel the customer not to file. That consultation if provided for free. For the work that is required, we refer to our contractors and we don’t charge our customers or contractors a referral fee.
Kwik Dry’s Seventh Commandment - We do not charge a profit on an upgrade.
If someone has carpet and wants to upgrade to hardwood floors, we allow them to use all their carpet allowance from the insurance company and then let them deal directly with our flooring contractors for their hardwood floor.
Kwik Dry’s Eighth Commandment - We only use contractors, not employees.
We value our contractors and want them to win. We create a three-way win. Our customers win because they have all their needs met through our team of experts. Our team wins because we take good care of them and want them to win. Kwik Dry wins because our customers and contractors love us and want to send us referrals.
Kwik Dry’s Ninth Commandment - We are a go between, between the insurance company and our customer, not the referee.
There is no need for a referee, after 16 years all the insurance companies we have worked for have all wanted to help their clients as much as we do. That’s why we are members of an insurance organization called, National Association for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). Insurance is a great industry.
Kwik Dry’s Tenth Commandment - Is for us to remember our first commandment.
We specialize in the customer experience. We realize even though we at Kwik Dry have handled thousands of claims in 16 years this is probably our customers first. We help them get temporary housing, get rented furniture, help them with food, cash, and transportation. We assist them to pick out their carpet and their paint. We help them turn a tragedy into a new home.

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