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Water Damage Clean Up

In the unfortunate case that you encounter damage from a flood, it is critical to act as soon as possible with the flood cleanup. Water damage restoration is a very complex course of actions. Many of the variables used in water damage and restoration depend on the type of water that has flooded your home / place of business. Many of the typical types of flood damage are caused by sewer backups, broken pipes, damaged roofs, rainwater overflow, or just damaged appliances that cause flooding.

Water restoration and mold clean up can be extremely strenuous on the building owner. It is important to have an emergency restoration company come out to analyze the structural damage from the water. Mold thrives in wet/warm environments, so it is crucial to have a prompt flood restoration service.

When suffering from a water damage problem, a quick response is the most critical course of action. Drying flooded carpet is something that needs to be done by a certified water removal specialist. Where abnormal moisture is present in the wet carpet, microorganisms will rapidly multiply and cause structural damage, create odors, and cause health issues to those occupying the building or home.

Controlled drying

Where we bring in drying equipment to dry out your home or business in a nonevasive way. This is a very aggressive drying process; basically, we speed up Mother Nature. We first extract all the standing water possible and remove it from your site. We then control the temperature and accelerate the evaporation process. We do this with a multitude of strategically place air movers. With the water evaporating (simply we turn a liquid into a gas) we then use heavy duty commercial grade dehumidifies to remove the evaporated water. Too much evaporation without dehumidification will cause secondary damage in you home or business. We try to get your structure to 40% relative humidity with in 24 hours. This process can take up to 5 days.

Selective replacement

Unfortunately, not everything can be saved or dried in time. Sometimes, for different reasons some things will be damaged beyond repair. They must be restored or replaced. Water losses are broken down into three (3) categories.


These classes will determine which of your valuables can be saved. The amount of water and the length of time the water has been within the structure will determine the means of action. That's why we pledge a quick response.

Whatever your situation we have the experience and expertise to bring you back to normal. We will work with you and your insurance company no matter the category of loss. We know this can be a very trying time for you. We will help in any way we can whether it's a category one, two or three. If you need structural repair, like drywall, painting, new pad, or carpet we can help meet your needs.

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