How to train your dog in 8 weeks

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May 11, 2016
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How to train your dog in 8 weeks

I want to share with you 6 key success factors (KSF) I learned that term, key success factors in a net working group called BNI, business network international if you would like to network your business or meet with many business owners come as my guest (call Robert 725-6978)or visit (if you visit a chapter, there’s about 18 in Springfield mention me as your sponsor (yes I get brownie points).

KSF I: You CAN train an old dog new tricks. Cleaning carpets for over ten years I’ve worked with many dog trainers and vets. One thing they all say -you dont have to train your dog you need to train the dog owner. Your dog already knows everything she needs to know she just needs to know when

. KFS II: They need to learn English and how to communicate. Off means off not down, wait means wait not stay and no means no not dont. Once you use the same word for the same thing your on your way to communicating to your dog. Tone of voice is key. When I learned this I ran home and trained my golden retriever, Troy, in ONE day. It was a miracle. Then I got a second dog, Baxter a rescued old English sheep dog. And he was a different story. We got kicked out of a training school and they told me to have him put down. At 120 Lbs he got loose to play with the other dogs in training. We were asked to leave the training class. Thats when I learned some dogs are harder to train than others.

KSF III: dogs are pack animals and they are always looking for the pack leader. Who ever eats first is the leader! This is where the training begins. One person in your home must become the pack leader and I hope for your sake and your dog its not him. Pick one person in the home to be the trainer it will take 8 weeks or less. The other people in the house hold need to follow the leader or the trainers direction. It takes about 15 minuets a day, hopefully around the same time a day.

KSF IV: dogs are motivated by food. You eat first then they eat. Youre the leader of the pack! For the 8 weeks of training dont leave their food out to eat when they please, but feed them for 15 minuets during the training. Give your dog their whole daily food during that 15 minuets. They will be hungry and motivated to learn! Dogs are motivated by food!!! Reward them with food for good behavior during the training session.

KSF V: stay consistent! This KSF has many steps.
Step: 1 sit you’re basically teaching your dog English. For 15 minutes a day, for 8 weeks put your dog on a short leash and teach. Have their food in your pocket, no distractions no other people or dogs just the trainer and your dog. Place your dog on your heal holding the leash very short, so she is right by your side next to your feet. Place a soft piece of food under her nose. With out a word feed him as soon as he sits. (Hot dogs work great). Remember he has not eaten since the last training session and he is hungry, and dogs are motivated by food! After he sits and you feed him make him stand up (with a short leash just tug upward until he stands). Then place food under nose until she sits then feed immediately. Repeat until your dog sits instantly. Your dog will learn with out a word spoken if I sit I eat!

After she sits quickly add to the food an enthusiastic spoken praise good sit. Repeat until 15 minuets are up or all the food is gone. Don’t train for more than 15 minuets, that is to stressful for your fury friend. No matter how well or poor she has done hug and praise her for the training and resume where you left off the next day.
Step II – Down. Down does not mean ‘off the couch’ it means lay down. Don’t go to ‘down’ or any other step until your pet has mastered the previous step. Then rehearse the steps they mastered. Mastering a step is when they instantly obey.

Your dog now realizes after a day or two something is up. You are feeding them and they are hungry. And you want them to perform ‘something’. Now for down. Down is simple. Have your dog stand next to your feet at your side as you hold a short leash. For enthusiastic dogs like Baxter a ‘pincher’ collar is best. You don’t want him choking if he is trying to get away. Place the treat under his nose, when he sits say good sit but don’t give him the treat. Take the food all the way to the floor until he lies down, and then feed him. Repeat until this awesome creature lays down immediately following the food. And like ‘sit’ when she lies down instantly that’s when you verbally say ‘good down’. As your friend goes through the steps sometimes replace the ‘food reward’ with only praise and a hug.

Step III ‘stay’. Stay is tricky. You want your friend to sit and then stay ‘frozen’ in that spot until you release her. Then you feed him and as he masters ‘stay’ say ‘good stay’!

Step V is ‘come’. Have him sit and stay, then slowly walk a way with your hand up saying ‘stay’ and then after a short time have him come to you. Reward as before.

Step VI is fun! ‘Leave it’ this is where you toss some food to the floor and command ‘leave it’ in a stern voice. If needed a gentle but firm tug on the leash.

Other words would be ‘wait here’ it’s not a stay which is frozen in a sit position. Wait simply means wait here, in other words you can’t go. Off is when she gets on the sofa or jumps on you or company or a car.

KSF VI: Dogs are den animals. For some dogs a house is too big when they’re alone. They need a crate or a small room to wait in while they’re alone. If they have accidents on your carpet isolating them in a crate or small room will help. Take them out side when you get home and as they ‘go’ to the restroom, you got it, have a treat and praise them saying ‘good potty out side’. Your neighbors will think your crazy but it works. Dogs are motivated by praise and food!

Good luck with your furry friend and remember we love your carpet as much as you love your dog so call us if you need your carpets cleaned.

Robert with kwik dry systems 725-6978 or 882-6610. Weather its carpet cleaning or water damage we are kwik dry!

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