Water Extraction

The Water Claw is an advanced tool to extract the water from your carpet. Its industrial design allows it to create a suction to the carpet and remove 90% of the water. The water is then pumped from your building into our tank. This is much better than using a wand because it actually removes the water from not only the carpet, but the pad as well.


We use commercial dehumidifiers to help dry the structure of your home or business. The air movers will evaporate the water into the air and the dehumidifiers will remove that vapor from the air. Dehumidifier are essential because they will pull out any moisture that has accumulated within the walls, furniture, or baseboards in your house. This will help prevent mold from growing in any unseen places.

Air Movers :: Fans

The air movers are used to evaporate the water from the floor. We strategically place the blowers in an order to create a circular wind within your house. It is important to leave the blowers placed on the infected area for at least three days. Even if the carpet appears to be dry, that does not mean the sub floor, walls, or pad is.