Pet Training – Potty Training

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May 11, 2016
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Pet Training – Potty Training

1. One of the best ways to house train your puppy is with consistency. This is not a short process and takes dedication and determination.

2. Moderating your dogs water consumption is important when potty training puppies. You want to give your dog water in increments. Do not let your puppy have access to his water bowl all day.

3. Let your puppy fill up on water then place the water bowl out of his/her reach. Within 15 minutes you’ll want to take your puppy to it’s designated area to use the restroom.

4. Be sure to keep the water bowl up on the counter during the night. Then in the morning you can let them quench their thirst and again, within fifteen minutes take them to the restroom.

5. These tips will allow your dog to get all the water he/she needs. It will also regulate their schedule so you don’t have to take the dog outside every fifteen minutes. Just right after their meals and water consumption.

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