Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

Conduct of Smoke

A fire can lead to many damaging factors due to the conduct of smoke. You should always have a trained expert come and assess the damage to decide what was contaminated by the smoke, fire, heat and moisture within the building. Kwik Dry is experienced in fire restoration, and we understand that smoke can dwell within the smallest crevices of a structure, resulting in unseen damage and odor. Our fire restoration assessment will help us conclude how much of the structure and its contents have been damaged by the smoke.

Information about Smoke
  • Smoke will elevate upwards and spread to cooler sections of the building.
  • Smoke can travel through small holes used for a structures plumbing and electricity, allowing it to move from one room to the next.
  • There are many types of smoke that can affect the restoration process.
Types of Smoke

The type of cleanup you will need in case of fire all depends on the type of soot.

  • Wet Smoke Substances - This is caused by fires with low heat. The soot is sticky and will carry a strong odor. This kind of smoke can be hard to clean up.
  • Dry Smoke Substances - This is caused by fires burning at a high temperature. The soot is dry and nonsticky.
  • Protein Substances - This type is almost invisible to the eye. It causes discoloration and carries a very bad odor.
  • Other Substances - Fire extinguisher substances also needs to be cleaned up.
Type of Cleanup

Kwik Dry Systems will assess your property to see to what extent the restoration process needs to endure.

  • What is damage- First we will need to figure out what property of yours has been damaged by fire or smoke. Then we will decide if your personal belongings will need to be removed from the structure during the cleanup.
  • Non-Damaged Sections - If you hire an expert immediately to help with your fire or smoke damage restoration, you may be able to save certain sections of your building from further exposure.