Black Mold Causes and Prevention Tips

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May 11, 2016
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Black Mold Causes and Prevention Tips

One of the greatest factors of preventing black mold is the humidity level. If you have high humidity in your geographical region you should always be cautious of hidden mold spores.

A relative humidity level over 55% greatly increases the chance of toxic mold growth. Having a relative humidity sensor in certain areas of your house will help you monitor the environment which mold is likely to grow.

If you notice you do have a high humidity level it is a good idea to run dehumidifiers and perhaps air purifiers if mold is present. During the summer, in high temperatures, you may notice a mildew smell, especially if your air conditioner is not running. This could be due to mold in the sheetrock, sub floor, carpet, carpet padding or many other areas.

Flooding due to broken pipes, overflowed toilets, rain water, etc are the main causes of mold if gone untreated. Some water leaks are so small they can go unnoticed for weeks, months, and even years.

Allergies and respiratory problems can be signs of living in a structure that contains mold. Nearly all chronic sinus infections (affecting 37 million Americans) is mold related. (Study by the Mayo Clinic). Some symptoms of toxic mold exposure are decreased attention span, headaches, difficulty in concentration and dizziness.

Leaks in your roof are one of the hardest intrusions to locate until it�s too late. Be sure to check your attic for any moisture or signs of mold. Also near outdoor windows, doors and walls. Underneath your home is another place that can be flooded unnoticed and be consumed with mold. Be sure to check for any leaks underneath the house and put a water barrier if needed.

Rusty pipes and condensation on windows or walls could mean that you have nearby water flooding problem or high condensation due to high humidity. Yellow stains may appear on your sheetrock as well; this is also another sign of a water problem.

Restrooms are a place that mold is very likely to grow due to the extreme amounts of water from the shower. Washing out your bathtub/shower with bleach water can help with mold remediation.

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to contact a professional right away. You can always contact us by visiting our Contact Page. If you have any further questions you can post them on our Message Board.


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